Xnew yorker seeking Cataldo

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Sam Cataldo. He loved his Sicilian roots and never pulled any punches, traits that distinguished the former lawmaker, who was killed Saturday morning in a two-car collision in his hometown of Farmington. No further details were available by press time.

Farmington police Chief Jay Drury did not return a call seeking information. Rallies for presidential candidates. Breakfast meetings. Lunch meetings. Meetings at picnics, where he would man the grill. Meetings at the Knights of Columbus. Meetings at the Elks Club. He was at the Pink Cadillac in Rochester, and at the state committee meeting in Bow. Every event.

Cataldo immersed himself in the Republican Party. He was known as a conservative with an open mind, a politician who was always willing to listen. Other stories and descriptions came pouring out from officials, but one stood out: Once you knew Cataldo, you knew he was Italian. More specifically, Sicilian. John Reagan of Deerfield, who shared an office with Cataldo at the State House for four years, recalled Godfather-like jabs as well.

He gave Italian gestures, if you know what I mean. Cummings laughed, then spoke about a man who always said what was on his mind and never worried about filtering his words. He was a good conservative Republican with a strong backbone. He ate breakfast there. Lunch, too.

Dinner, too. Funeral arrangements had not been released by press time. He graduated from Northeastern University, loved to fly model planes, served in the Air Force and was deeply loyal to friends and political allies. The crash that took his life happened before 8 a.

The two meetings went on, with residents and town officials unaware of what had happened. Ray Ducklerour intrepid columnist, focuses on the Suncook Valley. He floats from topic to topic, searching for the humor or sadness or humanity in each subject.

Xnew yorker seeking Cataldo

A native New Yorker, he loves the Yankees and Giants. The Red Sox and Patriots? Not so much. New Hampshire remains one E-Edition Subscribe. Toggle Menu. Those who served with Sam Cataldo called him the Italian Stallion.

Xnew yorker seeking Cataldo

Cataldo, who served in both the House and Senate for a combined 12 years, was Meetings, meetings, meetings. Cummings was at home when she got the call later from Reagan. Support the Concord Monitor. Subscribe Today. RayDuckler rduckler cmonitor. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share via E-Mail. More News. Most Popular As police investigate a new Concord homicide, January shooting death still unsolved Robert Azzi: The menace in America today Urgent care clinics diversify as NH reaches saturation On the trail: The political fallout from the vaccine funding vote Masks may have helped limit tuberculosis spread at Concord High School, experts say.

Xnew yorker seeking Cataldo

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Xnew yorker seeking Cataldo

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Ex-N.H. lawmaker Sam Cataldo, killed in a car crash, pulled no punches