Seeking dr companions

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Martha Jones is one of the most relatable Doctor Who companions. Like many fans, she fell in love with The Doctor, had sibling relationships, sass, sarcasm, and aspirations. She graced the screen after the beloved Rose, but never considered herself as second best. But as a companion, some things aren't quite right: from audience opinions, plot lines, and character flaws that weren't fitting to her character. Here are 10 things about Martha that just didn't make sense. The Doctor didn't want his real self known to him. In the season 3 episode "Utopia," Martha knew that a Chameleon Arch was used to rewrite the biology of a Time Lord, yet she brought it to The Master's attention.

Seeking dr companions

For fans of The Tenth Doctor, some of his behavior was difficult to watch. His relationship with Martha just didn't make any sense. Yes, the writers wanted him to go through a grieving period, and yes, he couldn't just leap into another companionship. But he strung her along, and at points, she let him. But why make him sabotage his friendship with Martha?

Martha became a gateway companion that was halfway between love interest and friendship, essentially becoming the transition from Rose to Donna. When Martha is approached by The Doctor after the events of "Smith and Jones," she is wearing a red jacket and faded denim jeans for her brother's birthday celebration. The Doctor promises he can bring her back to that same night, and the two go off for "one" adventure in time and space. One becomes several, and Martha is still wearing the same clothes. It might be one night for the rest of the universe but Martha has been to the past, the future, and faced Daleks in Manhattan.

We Don't see her change clothes until "The Lazarus Experiment," when she arrives back home. In the episode, "Smith and Jones," The Doctor kissed Martha without a clear explanation and mostly ignored her genius during their travels. Martha was interested in The Doctor, he was dashing and intelligent and nothing intimidated him, not even a smart, forward medical student such as herself.

The Doctor often brought up Rose, instead of seeking Martha's opinion and shared in joy with Captain Jack over her safety on a parallel world. Tom Milligan and Martha Jones officially met during the Toclafane invasion in the three-part Master epic. Tom assisted Martha on the last leg of her journey and sacrificed himself when he thought The Master was going to kill her. But a connection had been formed, and although all memories were wiped of the horrid events, Martha called his practice and found him again.

They became engaged between Martha's departure as a companion and her reappearance in season 4. Between that time and the Big Finish Productions audio episode "Dissected" it was revealed Martha broke it off. Yet speculation remains as to why. Ah yes, the plot hole filler. This isn't the first time an actor has been on the show as two characters. Freema Agyeman appeared as Adeola in the two-part final of season 2 and companion Martha Jones. Some of the similarities have explanations, such as Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor.

Seeking dr companions

But Adeola was only referenced in passing and could have had a stronger storyline. Martha Jones became a companion to The Doctor after Rose.

Seeking dr companions

Rose was the first companion in the New Who series and The Doctor's attachment was a mutual fondness. Then when Rose left, the Casanova Doctor who had regenerated full of love, broke, slowly declining and full of reckless abandon. Martha is seen as the rejected companion, only there in an attempt to fill the void left by Rose. But Martha saved The Doctor's life on multiple occasions and knew when it was her time to leave. She stopped clinging to him not because she stopped loving him, but because she knew it was unhealthy.

So, now Martha is conveniently single after her engagement with Thomas Milligan, just in time for the big goodbye sequence in "The End Of Time: Part 2. During this time, Martha and Mickey are shown fighting against Sontarons, revealing they are married, and The Doctor saves them from being killed by Sontaran Jask.

And was it more closure for his character than hers? Martha was needed to create a connection with the Hath.

Seeking dr companions

But she spent most of the episode separate from The Doctor and Donna. Why was she brought back only to be put on the back burner? She hardly had any interaction with The Doctor to show her character growth, and her involvement in "The Sontaran Stratagem" and "The Poison Sky" was mainly as a clone. Everyone loves a companion crossover, and Martha did show she was able to save herself and everyone else without The Doctor, yet again. But was it needed? Martha will forever be seen in the eyes of many fans as the companion who pined after The Doctor.

But that wasn't her legacy, it wasn't what she stood for. Martha was aware. She pushed The Doctor when he was apathetic and left when the time was right. She was strong and sassy. She told him that the title of a Doctor was something that had to be earned. Martha was cool, calm, and collected, with a level head in dangerous situations, but always empathetic. Despite all of these things, Martha isn't appreciated.

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Seeking dr companions

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Seeking dr companions

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