Satisfy an african woman

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Hello Nana. I met you for the first time in Accra in In JanuaryI went on a girls beach trip to Axim in the western region of Ghana with three other African women. We had the best time and part of that was because we spent so much time having really frank open conversations about sex. It was also the occasion of my 30th birthday and I was really struck that it had taken me up until that age to feel that I could talk to other women about my sexual experiences, desires and fantasies without feeling judged.

I convinced her that we should collaborate on the blog together and later turn it into a book. They are not my target audience. What led you to this choice? If anyone wants to sponsor a ificant rede and update of Adventures please holla. You also illustrate some of your stories with mmh … how to say this … very sensual and beautiful visuals … did you feel this innovation contributed to increased online engagement with the blog? Ha ha. I love that series and would love to do more. Pictures definitely help drive engagement, especially when you can share the post via social media with a suitable visual.

I was recently having a conversation with Tiffany Mugo of HOLAAand she was explaining how your labor of love, a sex positive feminist blog, inspired her.

Satisfy an african woman

Indeed, Adventures is now a veteran in the African digital landscape happy birthday to the blog by the way! Do you know of any other African or non-African work similar to yours? To me all these works are part of the same ecosystem, we just do the work differently.

Satisfy an african woman

If you were to cite three lessons that you learned from curating Adventureswhat would those be? Two, telling your own story is important. Writing is how I process my thoughts, and for me is also an act of healing.

Three, just do it. I did have a slight hesitation before starting Adventures. I wondered whether I should write under my own name or not. I decided that it was politically important to me to do this publicly, as myself, and the backlash I feared has never come.

On the contrary, Adventures has actually helped me get to greater heights in my personal and professional life. Famia Nkansa and I have been working on an Adventures Live!

Satisfy an african woman

Myself and an entire community of friends and activists put together the first Adventures Live! How do you reconcile your work with Adventures with your other activities including your writing? To me everything I do is interconnected. Sundays are for hanging out with my family. Everything gets planned in my calendar well in advance. My friends all know this about me.

Satisfy an african woman

You use social media a lot in your professional activities, especially your work with AWID. How do you make sure to engage with ordinary feminists and their struggles offline? I guess I question the idea of who an ordinary feminist is. To me, a feminist is an ordinary person who recognizes that we live in an unfair world, and works with others to create a more just world. My feminist struggle and engagement is both online and offline. The virtual world and the physical world are both real to me. When we have staff meetings, which we rotate and host in different countries, we always make sure to connect with local activists and communities.

What acts of radical self-care do you practice to keep going as the busy Director of Communications and Tactics of an international feminist organization? I do some form of exercise every day and I only do fun things that I enjoy like pop step classes, walking, and playing squash. This year AWID also invested in coaching for its director team, so we can strengthen our collective leadership.

That has also been super helpful. The coverage of African women in the mainstream media continues to be lacking and often times problematic. The website, African Feminismwants to change that. Afro-feminism does not make enough of an effort to connect with the African feminist movement, argues the founder of Eyala. How young, African feminist scholars are using their life experiences as sources and resources for theorizing their feminism. What are your plans for Adventures? Any future collaborative work?

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Satisfy an african woman

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