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Stroebele returned from the meeting with a letter from Snowden to German authorities, which was distributed to the media. In it, Snowden said he is confident that with international support, the United States would abandon its efforts to "treat dissent as defection" and "criminalize political speech with felony charges. Hide Caption. Snowden slipped quietly out of the airport after securing temporary asylum in Russiaending more than a month in limbo.

Capitol after Russia announced that it would grant Snowden temporary asylum on August 1. Snowden is allowed to roam free is another twist of the knife," he said.

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He has urged his son to remain in Russia "until we have assurances that he would receive a fair trial. Both men have been portrayed as traitors and whistle-blowers. Manning was acquitted on July 30 on the most serious charge of aiding the enemy, but he was convicted on several other counts and likely faces a lengthy term in a military prison. Kucherena said he was in daily contact with Russian authorities about securing permission for Snowden to leave the airport.

It was his first public appearance since he left Hong Kong on June He announced that he was seeking refuge Russia while awaiting safe passage to Latin America, where he has been offered asylum. Russian officials said Snowden abandoned his effort to seek asylum in the country after Putin warned that he would have to stop leaking information about U. Leftist Latin American leaders and activists were fuming after some European nations temporarily refused Morales' plane access to their airspace amid suspicions Snowden was aboard. He angrily denied any wrongdoing after his plane was diverted to Vienna and said that Bolivia is willing to give asylum to Snowdenas "fair protest" after four European countries restricted his plane from flying back from Moscow to La Paz.

Snowden was hiding in Hong Kong, where he arrived on May 20 before blowing the lid off the NSA surveillance operation. Birth date: June 21, Birth place: Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Birth name: Edward Joseph Snowden. Father: Lonnie Snowden, former Coast Guard officer. Mother: Elizabeth Snowden, federal court administrator. Marriage: Lindsay Mills present. Other Facts. Dropped out of high school. September 28, - Is discharged from the Army Reserve without completing any training. Snowden is terminated on June 10, May 20, - Snowden leaves for Hong Kong.

June 5, - The Guardian reports that the US government has obtained a secret court order that requires Verizon to turn over the telephone records of millions of Americans to the NSA. June 6, - The Guardian and the Washington Post disclose the existence of PRISM, a program they say allows the NSA to extract the details of customer activities -- including "audio and video chats, photographs, e-mails, documents" and other materials -- from computers at Microsoft, Google, Apple and other Internet companies.

June 9, - The Guardian and Washington Post disclose Snowden as their source for the intelligence related leaks. June 9, - Booz Allen Hamilton releases a statement confirming that Snowden has been an employee of their firm for almost three months. June 12, - The South China Morning Post publishes an interview with Snowden in which he says that US intelligence agents have been hacking networks around the world for years.

June 17, - During a live online chat, the person identified as Snowden by Britain's Guardian newspaper insists that US authorities have access to phone calls, s and other communications far beyond constitutional bounds. June 21, - Federal prosecutors unseal a complaint filed in US District Court in Virginia on June 14,charging Snowden with espionage and theft of government property.

June 23, - Snowden flies to Moscow from Hong Kong. July 12, - Snowden meets with human rights activists and lawyers. He says he is requesting asylum from Russia while he awaits safe passage to Latin America.

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If his request is granted, he would be able to live in Russia for at least a year. July 24, - Russian news media reports that Russia has approved documents that would allow Snowden to enter the rest of the country while his temporary asylum request is considered. August 1, - Kucherena tells CNN that Snowden's application for political asylum for a year has been approved and he has left the Moscow airport.

November 3, - A letter, purportedly written by Snowden, is published in the German magazine Der Spiegel. The letter, titled "A Manifesto for the Truth" says, "mass surveillance is a global problem and needs a global solution. December 17, - Snowden posts an open letter to Braziloffering to help investigate US surveillance of Brazilian citizens. Snowden wanted to come back to the United States and enter a plea, we would engage with his lawyers.

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March 10, - Snowden speaks via teleconference from Russia to an audience of thousands at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, urging the audience to help "fix" the US government's surveillance of its citizens. The event marks the first time Snowden has directly addressed people in the United States since he fled the country with thousands of secret documents last June.

May 28, - NBC News airs an interview with Snowden in which he claims, "I was trained as a spy in sort of the traditional sense of the word -- in that I lived and worked undercover, overseas, pretending to work in a job that I'm not -- and even being ased a name that was not mine.

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August 7, - Snowden's attorney announces that he has been granted an extension to stay in Russia for three more years. Michael Rogers says that Snowden's surveillance leaks have had a "material impact" on the agency's ability to prevent and detect terror plots. June 4, - In response to President Barack Obama ing the USA Freedom Act that will limit our nation's surveillance on private citizens, Snowden writes an op-ed for The New York Times saying, "ending the mass surveillance of private phone calls under the Patriot Act is a historic victory for the rights of every citizen July 28, - The White House rejects a petition to pardon Snowden and maintains its position that Snowden should return to the United States.

The petition contains overatures supporting Snowden.

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September 29, - Snowden s Twitter and gains overfollowers in less than an hour after posting his first tweet. October 5, - According to Snowden, he is willing to go to prison if he is permitted to return to the United States. Snowden and his lawyers wait to discuss a deal with the US government. May 30, - Holder says Snowden performed a "public service" by triggering a debate over surveillance techniques, but still must pay a penalty for illegally leaking a trove of classified intelligence documents. December 22, - Congress releases a report saying Snowden has been in contact with Russian intelligence officials since arriving in Russia.

Snowden immediately takes to Twitter following the report's release to dispute the accusations, writing "they claim without evidence that I'm in cahoots with the Russians. January 17, - Russia extends Snowden's asylum until September 17, - Snowden's memoir, "Permanent Record," is published.

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The lawsuit claims Snowden should have submitted any of his writings for agency review before publication if they included intelligence information and that he needed written approval from the agencies before he could publish. April 16, - Kucherena tells Russia's TASS news agency that Snowden has filed a request to extend his residency permit in Russia for three more years. In the agreement, Snowden says he still wants the ability to appeal the judge's earlier decision against him. October 22, - Snowden has been given permanent residency in Russiahis lawyer tells state-run news agency RIA Novosti.

November 2, - Snowden announces that he and his wife are applying for Russian citizenship while also keeping their US nationalities.

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