Need someone to have some fun

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Adults can, and should, play and have fun. In fact, there are studies that show the many benefits of playing for adults, which include increased creativity, productivity, and feelings of well-being. Adults need play. Set the Goal of Playing More. Start by setting a goal to have more fun. When we think of setting goals we usually think of serious things, such as losing weight, quitting smoking, making more money, or starting a small business.

However, the goal of having more fun is just as important as those more adult-sounding goals. If this is you, there are two steps you need to follow:. Set a Fun Minimum. In addition, do the following:. Put Fun In Your Schedule. Therefore, if you want to play more and have more fun, you have to schedule it. In addition, scheduling fun is important for your productivity. One of these people is an adult, and the other one is a little .

Need someone to have some fun

The adult wants to get to work. However, the kid in your head has other ideas. They could care less about the report and the tax returns. The kid just wants to play and have fun! If you want a kid to sit still, you have to promise them a reward. The reward is playtime. By scheduling fun, both the adult and the kid in your head win. In order to make sure that you achieve your goal of having more fun and playing more, schedule it. Create a Play Drawer. Using the comfort drawer as inspiration, create a play drawer for those times when you need a break from work and you just want to be silly for a while.

Here are some ideas for things you can include in your play drawer:. Combine Fun With Other Activities. Think of the things on your to-do list, and then look for ways to make them more fun. When most people think of exercise they think of self-sacrifice and drudgery. However, exercise can be fun. Have More Fun at Work. Gather the studies out there that show how having fun at work has a positive impact on the bottom line, and prepare a presentation for your boss.

Instead, you can go to a theme park, go on a scavenger hunt, or play paintball. Befriend a Fun Person. The people you hang out with will have an enormous impact on your life. Then, follow their lead. Hang Out With a Kid.

Little kids innately know how to play and have fun.

Need someone to have some fun

When I need to have more fun, I visit my nephews. They never disappoint. In fact, I visited them on Wednesday of last week. It was fantastic! As an adult, you have every right to enjoy yourself. In fact, adults need play. Use the ten tips above to add more fun and play to your life. Live your best life by playing more and having more fun. post: 10 Ways to Have a Peaceful Christmas. Marelisa Fabrega is a lawyer and entrepreneur. You can learn more about her here.

Need someone to have some fun

This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis. If this is you, there are two steps you need to follow: First, sit down and make a list of the things that you enjoyed doing as a. Then, go over your list and highlight those things that still sound appealing. Once you have your list, just like before, highlight the ideas that sound most interesting. Here are some ideas for things you can include in your play drawer: Jigsaw puzzles.

Coloring books for adults — adult coloring book sales are skyrocketing. After all, coloring is an absorbing and relaxing activity. LEGOs When you have a few minutes to spare here and there, open your drawer, pick something, and play. Here are some ideas: Shop around for an exercise class that you enjoy. Try SoulCycleZumba, pole dancing, and so on. a sports team. If you loved to play soccer or baseball as a kid, find a team for adults and.

Gamify your exercise. Remember bouncy castles? Those were so much fun! The adult equivalent is a mini-trampoline! And it turns out that rebounding is one of the best exercises that there is. Conclusion As an adult, you have every right to enjoy yourself. Search for:. WP Admin.

Need someone to have some fun

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10 Ways to Have More Fun and Play More As Adults