Need a solid woman

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I spend most of my time warning people about the bad habits that drain them of mental strength. While everyone engages in some unhealthy habits, my research uncovered specific habits that women are more likely to engage in.

Need a solid woman

And those unhealthy habits are holding them back. So why are women more likely to compare themselves to other people, downplay their success, and insist on perfection? It all comes down to their core beliefs. Mentally strong women do things differently because they live by a different set of core beliefs that guide their decisions and daily habits. They alone determine how they feel about themselves, and they have healthy coping skills that help them bounce back when others try to bring them down. Some people even view these actions as s of weakness.

But mentally strong women understand that these can all be s that you are mentally stronger than most. Mentally strong women stay focused on growing stronger and becoming better, regardless of what their critics say. They recognize that their strength will likely remind others of their own weaknesses.

Many women worry that their ambition might actually threaten others. Mentally strong women know that they can own their success without sounding arrogant. Young girls are often subtly treated differently than boys, and it can have a long-term effect on their self-perception. Mentally strong women recognize how these pressures can lead to detrimental habits — such as insisting on perfection, staying silent, and engaging in toxic self-blame. So they go against the grain. They do things that help them build strength and be their best, regardless of whether they fit into cultural expectations or stereotypical gender roles.

But your desire to grow stronger and become better can inspire others. Instead, they lead by example.

Need a solid woman

And their energy in creating the strongest version of themselves often inspires others to follow their lead. Mentally strong women understand that mental muscles are like physical muscles. They need exercise to stay strong. So they constantly work on giving up bad habits that threaten their mental strength, and they develop healthier habits that help them keep growing stronger in the effort to reach their greatest potential. You might think that a certain woman who is working out hard at the gym possesses a lot of mental strength.

But in reality, she might have serious body image issues. Meanwhile, another woman who pulls herself out of bed every day, despite her desire to hide under the covers, might possess incredible mental strength. Instead, they work on growing better with little concern about whether others recognize or applaud their growth. Her books are translated into more than 30 languages. She's also a lecturer at Northeastern University. Her articles attract over 2 million readers every month. A sought after speaker, she travels the world speaking to audiences about mental strength.

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Need a solid woman

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Need a solid woman

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