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Skoda Rapid Features : Features onboard include automatic climate control, cruise control, height-adjustable driver seat, and a 6. The top-spec variants get a new 8-inch touchscreen unit. The price of Skoda Rapid starts at Rs. Skoda Rapid is offered in 13 variants - the base model of Rapid is 1.

Mature couple with ts

It will be nine years this November since Skoda first began selling the Rapid in India. In that time, a front end rede, a slight bump in power for the 1. Despite that, it has continued to soldier on. And that is because it offered the kind of driving pleasure most other cars in that segment wouldn't dare to.

Now however, the BS6 landscape has taken away two of its most prized jewels: the punchy yet thrifty 1. Along with the diesel and the DSG, Skoda has also bid adieu to the 1. With both its powertrains now in the wind, can the Rapid still put a smile on your face? But they have. And that too by swapping out that nice diesel and the DSG for a small petrol three-cylinder and a manual. It misses out on some creature comforts when you compare it to its rivals but it undercuts most of them in price too. And if you are worried about reliability issues, Skoda is offering a 1 lakh kilometre warranty package with road-side assistance, included in the price of the car.

Your ownership experience will be further sweetened by the fact that buy anything above the base Rider variant, and you can get an annual maintenance package for just Rs 10, It covers all the regular stuff till 60,km.

Mature couple with ts

Our recommendation is that you must definitely check out the Rapid if you list driving pleasure in the top three things you consider before buying a new car. It will offer you great performance, and decent fuel efficiency as well. What you will find lacking is space compared to its rivals. But if you are a family of four, it should still suffice.

Mature couple with ts

Changes in the looks, interior and features are ever so slight that they can be summed up under one heading. In fact, there are none to the exterior whatsoever. Even the interior is pretty much the same as before. Only change you will find in the Style and Monte Carlo variants is the new 8-inch touchscreen. It essentially is an Android tablet with a crisp display and a smooth touch operation.

However, you still get the option to connect your phone with a bluetooth to play music and answer calls. Look on the bright side though. Being Android-based allows it to connect to an internet hotspot and download all the apps you use on your Android smartphone. Did someone say Netflix? Now Netflix and chill wherever you want, just be parked For safety it wont play video content when the car is moving and the handbrake isn't pulled.

Which brings us to the next topic. Your only option now is a 1. And the turbocharger helps it dish out a healthy PS and Nm of peak torque. The only transmission option for now is a 6-speed manual, although a 6-speed torque converter will be offered in the near future.

Mature couple with ts

This is something you can expect from a three-cylinder engine. It revs quite cleanly and power in the top part is quite evenly spread out. However, drive constantly below rpm and you will find that the Rapid feels sluggish. The surge in torque is surprising, but you can easily modulate it using the throttle once you get used to it. The Rapid will also be easy on your pocket.

It returned a fuel efficiency of The tall gearing allows you to keep pulling past traffic without feeling the need to change gears.

Mature couple with ts

What it also means is that you end up seeing high-triple digit speeds in third gear itself if you are really going for it. And if you are not chasing redlines, looking to extract every ounce of performance, you can calmly slot it in sixth gear at 90kmph. This offers a rather calm cruise on the highway. In our tests, the Rapid returned And lest we forget, the new 6-speed manual complements the engine well.

It slots in smoothly and the short throws work well in tandem with the sporty nature of this engine. You will find its long travel a bit odd though, considering that the biting point comes quite early in its range of motion.

Mature couple with ts

This is where the new transmission comes in. Depending on what kind of a driver you are, this will either make you enjoy your drive or get you a bit annoyed. If you are an enthusiast driver who loves going for gaps and is often driving closer to the speed limit than most, the Rapid is going to be a rewarding drive. Because going under the turbo will spoil your experience, the transmission always holds revs high. This means it does not upshift until the next gear too is within turbo range.

This gives you a clean and fast acceleration no matter when you put your foot down. The downshifts are quick and can be felt in the cabin if you ask for an aggressive downshift. The shifts, both up and down, are quick and the transmission remains on point to respond to your throttle and speed changes.

In fact, this is the one area where it betters even the DSG. This AT doesn't get confused when you ask it to downshift in quick succession. Switch to Sport mode in the Rapid and it now holds revs as high as rpm even in low throttle situations.

This means you can always hear the engine working hard even when you are cruising in traffic. The downshifts become further aggressive and this time, feel jerky as well, something the family might not enjoy. Do so and the Rapid gets to kmph in Pretty quick for a sedan of its weight and class!

However, where this powertrain falls behind the older one, and even the competition is in its ability to commute calmly. If you usually drive the family around and want a smooth drive, this powertrain might not satisfy you. To keep you in the powerband, the transmission is holding high revs, and this makes the Rapid a bit too aggressive to just calmly crawl in traffic. This nature helps in overtakes, with a kmph kickdown time of 6. At the same time, it makes the Rapid feel on the edge. There are some other factors too that make you work harder in daily commutes.

The initial crawl acceleration starting with going off the brake in cold starts is a bit too fast as well and will often make you get back on the brake in small spaces, making the start feel a bit rushed. However, this is less aggressive when the car does not come to a full stop, and is just picking up on its own in bumper to bumper traffic. Then, there is a bit of a lag when you are picking revs again from idle after slowing down for a speed breaker or a pedal train.

This wait can be avoided by going on the throttle a bit early which involves a small learning curve. And when the power comes back, it comes in with an intent to accelerate and not just maintain speeds and cruise. Also, when you get off the gas, the Rapid often just holds revs and won't slow you down behind a slowing car. It's only after you go on the brakes that the engine braking kicks in.

This is where the DSG transmission was better. Inside the city, it let the Rapid have a dual personality. This AT feels more focused on going fast and trades off its city cruising ability in doing so. Hence, if you are an enthusiast driver, the Rapid AT will let you have a lot of fun. But on the flip side, it's not an easy going commuter. The Rapid continues to be offered with the same safety kit as before.

You have ABS and two airbags as standard on all variants. Strangely enough, four airbags are only offered on the Style variant, which sits below the Monte Carlo edition. Even the pretensioners and load limiters for the front seatbelts are reserved only for the Style variant.

And the only other differences between these two variants are aesthetics. So if safety is your one priority, pick the Style variant. The traction control system has been given a miss as there is currently no automatic variant on offer. However, we expect Skoda to offer it when the automatic variants of the Rapid go on sale. Performance is unmatched!! Excellent driving Experience. Superb build quality, quickest in cars under 17 lakhs. A safe car with all features and good mileage especially on the highway.

After 7 years I am able to get around 21kmpl of mileage. Skoda cars are full of power, the best cars to drive in city and highway, but mileage and features are a concern. Yes, they have a timeless, look to match every once tast. Excellent driving pleasure, built quality, handling, performance, and on-the-spot breaking give confidence and make it a better car. It's better than rivals. Skoda Rapid is a very stylish car with value for money. I am using it for 6 plus years, amazing performance. The Rapid is the first car in its segment to offer a matte colour option straight from the factory.

A range of game-changing SUVs of various sizes are going to become available this festive season, so keep your bank s ready. The limited-edition model will get cosmetic changes and will likely be based on the top-spec variant. Skoda has given the Rapid its first-ever comprehensive facelift since the model was launched here in What is new?

And how does it stack up against the competition? We find out.

Mature couple with ts

It is an India-specific product and a volume player for Skoda. Half a decade into its life, the Rapid gets its first major de revamp and sheds the face it inherited from the Fabia. We hit the road with the aesth. While on one side their Octavia is selling much faster than they can fill in the order books, Skoda India is having a rough time selling their entry level product, Rapid. The competition has grown strong and Skoda had to up their game. A new engine and a gearbox is how they have chosen to fight the. Let's make one thing clear here. The new Skoda Rapid is not a facelift but a Model Year update.

It doesn't get any de upgrades both outside and inside, but now comes with a new diesel engine and a new 7-speed automatic DSG transmission. Apart from the regular petrol and diesel versions, the Rapi. As we bid good-bye to the Ford Fiesta, the Skoda Rapid makes it way into our long-time garage.

Mature couple with ts

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