Married women Keremeos

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View the Demographics tab for information such as Population, Median Age and more. Data is populated from census, state, provincial and municipal sources, along with third-party projections. At present, Keremeos, BC has a population of 1, people.

Overall, the population of Keremeos, BC is growing at a rate of 1.

Married women Keremeos

In the last two census, its populations grew by people, an average growth rate of 2. The largest population of Keremeos, BC is the age group between 65 and 69 years old, and the least populated age group is between 20 and 24 years old. Overall, women out men by 85 people. The 75 to 79 years old age cohort exhibits the largest discrepancy with a difference of 15 people between the sexes. Furthermore, majority of the population is between the ages 65 to 69 years old, comprising Majority of the population are married, making up Having a predominantly married population is highy beneficial to Keremeos, BC as married couples usually bring in larger incomes, higher net worth and gains on average.

They also help boost the community's liveliness and labour force, as they are most likely to bear children and create the best economic conditions for them. Furthermore, this group also spends more compared to most of their counterparts. The largest aboriginal population are that of the Metis, making up At 15 people, the second largest Aboriginal population is the First Nations. With a population at 1, people, most inhabitants at Keremeos, BC are above the low income cut-off, or the income a person must earn to be considered to be part of the low income group.

The median household income in Keremeos, BC is lower than the national household median income in The largest influx of immigrants to Canada was pre, where people surveyed called Canada their new home. The largest visible minority population are that of the South Asian, making up The second largest group are the West Asian, making up 20 people.

Following West Asian is Black that is Overall, the unemployment rate in Keremeos, BC is growing at a rate of 0. In the last two census, its unemployment rates grew by A growing unemployment rate als that there is a higher level of competition between job applicants so obtaining a job becomes more difficult. Overall, the participation rate in Keremeos, BC is growing at a rate of 0. In the last two census, its participation rates grew by 5. An increase in participation rate means that higher proportions of people residing in Keremeos, BC are involved in the labour force and contributing to the community's economy.

Overall, the employment rate in Keremeos, BC is growing at a rate of 0. In the last two census, there was neither an increase nor a decrease in its employment rate. Employment rates can further be brought down through entrepreneurship and other activities that boost economic activity.

View the Taxation tab for information such as and more.

Married women Keremeos

View the Quality of Life tab for information such as Average Rainfall and more. Umbrellas and raincoats are most handy in the month of June when it rains an average of 39 mm. This is The month of May is also rainy with an average rainfall of Following May is July, when Building and home construction was also brisk between towhere homes were built.

In beforeof homes were built too. Homes with two bedrooms are also very popular, with homes built with this of bedrooms. The third largest category of homes according to of bedrooms are 4 or more bedrooms representing Majority of commuters in Keremeos, BC leave their homes from am to am, saying that it's enough time to get to work. The second most popular time to head to work, with However, 75 of commuters still prefer to leave from am to am.

Majority of commuters, around respondents in Keremeos, BC, are carpooling in a private car, truck, or van to go to work. Moreover, 8. The third most popular means of transportation is driving alone in a private car, truck, or van with 20 commuters preferring it.

Most people in Keremeos, BC have have completed a high school education. With people, it is what most people in Keremeos, BC completed. Coming in second, The third largest group are people who have completed an apprenticeship, with people responding. Keremeos, BC has people or View the Utilities tab for information such as and more. View the Companies tab for information such as and more. Townfolio provides city data as a service. Originally focusing on economic development software.

Townfolio has evolved into a platform to: automate the community profile, provide city benchmarks and comparisons, along with completely customizable dashboards for city planning or city performance. The company provides a widget to add city dashboards to government and economic development websites, and export features to automate reporting.

While main interest has come from city and county governments, economic development agencies, NGOs and other public sector clients are using Townfolio. Townfolio strives for the most current and credible data sources. The data is mainly sourced from open providers ranging from census to inside city hall. Using Townfolio you will find census profile data among dozens of other sources for any city.

Married women Keremeos

The platform is used for research and decision making by cities for reporting and performance by economic developers, city planners and others. Students for research and businesses for site selection, research and portfolio monitoring among other groups such as people looking to move also utilize Townfolio data.

If you would like to compare cities, please use our Compare Tool. To index and benchmark cities, please use our Benchmark Tool. Ideas for data? Reach out to us and try the live chat at the bottom.

Married women Keremeos

What is Townfolio? Where does the data come from? How to use this data Request more info. Total Population 1, Median Household Income 43, Total Visible Minorities Median Age Total Labour Force Employment Rate Participation Rate Unemployment Rate Taxation View the Taxation tab for information such as and more.

Federal General Corporate Tax Federal Small Business Corporate 9. Federal Investment Corporate Tax Average Yearly Rainfall mm Average Yearly Snowfall cm Highest Temperature Celsius Lowest Temperature Celsius of Renters of Home Owners Most Popular Dwelling Size 3 Bedrooms. Most Used Transportation Vehicle Driver.

Married women Keremeos

Residents Who Work Locally Vehicle Drivers Dominant Level of Education High School. Most Popular Field of Study Engineering. Most Popular Educational Destination Canada. Utilities View the Utilities tab for information such as and more. Companies View the Companies tab for information such as and more. Largest Industry by Business Count Agriculture. Smallest Industry by Business Count Manufacturing. Most Popular Business Size Employees.

Married women Keremeos

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Married women Keremeos