Married bi looking swingers sex

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Forgot your password? By ballmanJuly 9, in Bisexual Swingers. I am a novice to swinging, but am most anxious to get started. My first question is this My second question concerns bi-sexuality. I am most interested in performing oral sex on a male, but find few bi-curious men at the Swingers Board. How can I convince my desires without sounding like I am a flamer or blatant homosexual? I simply want to taste and swallow a man's load of cum.

Married bi looking swingers sex

First off, Welcome You have found the best place on the web to answer any questions you might have. Second there is a whole section devoted to Bisexuality and Swinging located in the member section. Now then. As far as bi sexuality, this is a forum.

If you are looking for like minded people, its best to check the web sites. For Bi People: Bisexual Playground. For Other swinging people: swinglifestyle or Adult Friend Finder. You have definitely come to the right place for answers to those questions. There are several thre under the Bisexuality and Swinging forums, but here are some short answers to your queries:. Some couples prefer to only swing with other couples, others prefer only single males, others only single females. You pretty much just have to put what you're looking for in your profile, and be upfront with any potential playmates.

The reason? He's not interested, and that takes away the appeal for me. That said, I think there are a lot more bi or bi friendly males out there than you'll see on the sites. But because there seems to be a stigma attached however much a double standard it is to bisexuality with men, they often list themselves as straight. Welcome to the forum! There is a lot of concern about cheating singles in this lifestyle, it seems. As far as bisexual male sex and her being turned on by it, that depends on the person. The Mrs. We have seen MANY couples that specifically say they do not want bi males to contact them.

Try to find someone compatible and experiment with it! EDIT: Does your partner have any clue that you are having these Bi fantasies and want to act on them? Welcome to the board! You have come to the right place to get all your questions answered so please feel free to ask away As for your questions, MrVan and I prefer to play with couples, single males or females. We also both have come from marriages where our ex-spouses cheated on us with someone else and we just do not want to promote cheating in the LS.

I think everyone has something that does or does not work for them and the only thing I can say is read the forums and find answers to those questions that you may need more answers on and if you create a profile, just be honest in the profile about what you are looking for. A married male who is swinging, chances are his wife doesn't know, so call it what it is. He is cheating and why would we want to be part of that?

This is sooo interesting I wanted my husband to engage in homosexual I'm not sure if I'm using the correct language so please forgive me but I wanted him to talk about being with a man, sucking him, giving him anal, receiving anal, and he did at times usually impared but it was the biggest turn on for me I just want to feel the way I do when I talk about it or think about it or hopefully someday see it I just wish everyone wasnt so scared of what others think Seems like there is more to what you are asking.

Everyone else has been pretty kind and politically correct, I'm going to come out and say it, a cheating, bisexual male trying to come into the mainstream swinging community to try and suck some dick is going to pretty much be a pariah. Your best bet is probably park restrooms, allys outside porno theaters, gloryholes inside adult video stores and other places typical for guys looking on the down-low. I was just voicing my opinion about MY situation which is what i thought this board was about. If everyone met and the wife was fully consenting you might find some couples here and there but my guess is you have not breached this subject with her, and if you did she would say no, be very offended, or grossed out!

I'd test her out with questionnaires, role play, some pictures or video, very carefully. Second question answer: For most females NO! Especially wives. Out of our 8 females only 2 are "into" that. For me as a female who is totally into guys, penises, and cum, and sex with guys it would not bother me, guys cocks are HOT! I definitely do not want to see my husband go flaming for cock but things do happen during group sex For years my husband has encouraged me to let the wives of the men I have sex with do stuff with me.

We have been mainly MfM with some group and orgy, on occasion things happen here and there and in the heat of the moment I am fine with it. When you have your face buried under someone you have no idea what all is taking place on your body some times or who is doing what. I've seen men pull out cum shooting it everywhere all over her and him, I've seen them shoot cum in their wives pull out afterwards and their cock flop on his face.

I've sucked men clean afterwards right over his face, kissed him in between, pussy juice, cum, and cock all over. In the heat of the moment things happen, it's cool, no one wants to damper the mood. I have kissed him with cum from other men, he has eaten me and other women out after other men have shot cum all in them. I have never pulled a penis out of a lady and fed it to him but in the throngs of sucking guys over his face I have kissed him with a cock right there.

It was pretty hot! As far as him going down on his knees and sucking a guy off - naaaah to weird, sorry not manly. Him wanting a guy to cum in his mouth, naaaaa same reason. Eating it out of a lady is one thing, me kissing him with a mouthful is the same. Now a couple of the guys in our group are bisexual and they have both helped me suck other men off in our group in a few of the orgies, it was fine no different than anyone ing in as far I am concerned.

I have also sucked guys in 69 and watched another guy mount him over me; I have to admit that was pretty hot to watch from that vantage point. I watched gay porn while in a normal mood to see if it was hot but NO it was not. I watched bisex and again NO! The live stuff that just happens is always the best and most arousing I guess because I am in the heat of things. I did recently mention in a post getting my husband to try some new things but it is mainly because I am one of those what is good for the goose should be good for the gander as well.

Example - the first guy and so many many more that wanted me to suck his penis and let him cum in my mouth I said sure I'll do whatever you want as long as you do it first. Of course most guys can't suck themselves off but I can sure make them shoot into their own mouths. That is how I became so addicted to cocks and cum. Young horney guys will do anything for sex and I put them through the ringer having lo of fun. Third comment you made: The above last several sentences brings me to your last comment. I assume you are talking about telling your wife about your interests.

To convey your desires without sounding like a flamer or blatant homosexual try the reverse of what I did. Does she like you to go down on her?

Married bi looking swingers sex

What about after you cum in her? Does she let you kiss her afterwards? Does she let you cum in her mouth? Does she like to kiss you afterwards? These are usually some of our BEST kisses. Try to work your way into cum swapping, find what she loves and treat her royally adding in a bit of kink that you like here and there. I like to jerk my husband off while kissing him and feed cum during our kissing. He likes to do the same with my juices.

Try role playing - she might be a queen, you might be a slave, set it up so she forces you to do stuff you normally wouldn't, she might get into it depending on how it is approached.

Married bi looking swingers sex

We have done some things that we would not have done other wise in our role play simply because it was in the script or scenerio. Last example - I have had my husband jack off into his own mouth for me in the slave role play and we kissed like mad afterwards. He didn't get grossed out nor did I view him differently. My advice for you is - where there is a will there is a way. And DON'T screw around on her!!! Hope it helps. We have had MFM encounters with single males and we know a couple that we have had same room full swaps with.

We and the other couple are straight but due to schedules we have a hard time getting together. She doesn't mind her husband getting together with us for MFM's and we enjoy it. When all four of us do meet up, we enjoy discussions of our past MFM encounters. We haven't experienced a bit of jealously, so are there exceptions?

We are not really qualified to comment on the bisexuality part of this thread except to say that we believe a man is cheating if he doesn't tell his partner about an encounter with another. If he is in a devoted relationship there could be drama attached. I am a married man, I'm bi, and my wife and I have a wonderful time with men who aren't afraid of their sexuality.

I'm fortunate that she is aroused by man on man sex and can't help ing in. Kissing after a blow job, licking her while she's being fucked, going down on her when she's filled with cum, yes! All wonderful, hot actions. The heat of the moment can truly inspire! If you're afraid of your own cum, if you won't kiss your wife after she's given you a blow job, then aren't you letting fear keep you from some very intimate pleasures. After all it's your own cum! I can understand not wanting to taste another man's cum. But if your wife does, if she blows another man and he cums in her mouth, would you really fear kissing her immediately?

Married bi looking swingers sex

It's so hot! Same with going down on her after she's been fucked by another man. She's warmed up and in the mood, how could you say no to lighting that fuse??? Seize those hot, intimate moments. It'll be different strokes for different folks MOST couples want to play with another couple - but there are plenty of folks who're open to playing with single people as well.

Married bi looking swingers sex

Nothing wrong with it, but there's definately a bit of a "stigma" versus single guys Establishing that your partner has given you permission to "play" without her is always going to be a bit tricky. As far as bisexuality goes Men, however are NOT.

Sure, there are exceptions to this - but they're rare. MOST bisexual men in a couple will sell themselves publically as "straight" because of the stigma attached to it Good luck to y'all. It depends on the couple really. Jess and I will swing with married men as long as the wife knows and approves of it. Honesty is the best policy here. Let he know about your desires and see what happens. Hope this helps. I too am a married bi male and my wife does know I am bi as she has known that since we first met almost 4yrs ago. We sometimes play with single men, women as well as couples.

Married bi looking swingers sex

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