Looking attractive 420 friendly

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Alice Campbell has short platinum-blond hair, a penchant for stripes and polka dots, a strong sunglasses game and a thing for bright red lipstick. His eyeglasses and short-cropped brown hair give him a just-this-side-of-nerdy vibe. That relatability is one of the reasons their YouTube channel That High Couple, which marked its fifth anniversary last month, is closing in onsubscribers.

Haleyfor example, covers a lot of the same topics and has notched more thanfollowers sinceand the cannabis-themed channel of horticulturist and author Jorge Cervantes has racked upsubscribers since But the Campbells see theas a symbolic benchmark that could pave the way for endorsement deals, branded merchandise and weed-themed travel tours.

Their YouTube channel which currently has 91, subscribers, a companion Instagram thathighcouple has 31, followers keys into the same enthusiasm for cannabis that brought the couple together shortly after Alice arrived in Los Angeles from Coronado in Clark had arrived two years earlier from Cartersville, Ga. Messages from Clark started landing in her shortly thereafter, and the rest is history. Wondering what it would be like to smoke weed once an hour for 24 straight hours?

A post shared by That High Couple thathighcouple. Like many transplants trying to gain a foothold in L. The result was a short-lived YouTube channel focusing on the unboxing of pet products and featuring their cat Indy. Arizona becomes 15th state to allow recreational marijuana sales. Legal sales of recreational marijuana in Arizona started Friday, a once-unthinkable step in the former conservative stronghold. But no relationship — not even one forged in the crucible of cannabis consumption — is completely without drama.

In earlyAlice and Clark very unexpectedly found their labor of love in genuine peril. Channels that earn three such strikes over a day period can be terminated. We appealed it like crazy, but it took a month of s before we were fully back. Recreational cannabis is legal in California for those 21 and over. Even now, nearly three years later, the possibility that the channel will be suspended still looms large. Clark has a hunch that the strikes — both in and since — may have something to do with the use of artificial intelligence to make the call.

Since the setback of the weedpocalypse, That High Couple the initials spell THC, which is also the abbreviation of tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound in cannabis has steadily grown their subscriber base and their influence in the cannabis space. So that makes it challenging to be a cannabis content creator.

Cannabis delivery service Emjaywhich launched in L. They brought a camera out and interviewed a courier.

Looking attractive 420 friendly

You know when their videos are going to drop. They were doing it exceptionally better than most cannabis influencers. But these guys are the full package. They have a great aesthetic, two great personalities and professionalism. I actually have my dream job. Now I feel like getting Clark into the cannabis industry full-time as well as being able to work on the channel full-time are the next goals. To achieve those goals — particularly turning their brand into a full-time, income-generating gig — the couplesay two things need to happen. The first is getting the channel to hit the ,subscriber mark.

He said part of that recent growth spike mirrors a broader increase in traffic for all kinds of streaming content as a result of the pandemic. We can flip the camera and start thinking about all those other high couples out there.

Looking attractive 420 friendly

What kind of merch would they be excited about? What are they interested in buying? The biggest game-changer would be action at the federal level. In a history-making December vote, the House passed a measure to federally decriminalize marijuanaalthough it ultimately died in the then-Republican-controlled Senate. In an interview the day after Inauguration Day last month, Alice and Clark hinted at where they might take That High Couple if federal laws ease.

That could be cool. They could have That High Couple-selected strains [of cannabis]. They could be doing this full-time.

Looking attractive 420 friendly

And if any YouTubers are going to be able to figure it out, I would bet on them. Senior features writer Adam Tschorn writes about a range of style-centric pop-culture topics for the Los Angeles Times. Holding a B. All Sections. About Us. B2B Publishing. Business Visionaries. Hot Property. Times Events. Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. Alice Campbell holds a dab rig in one hand and a small amount of THC concentrate in the other.

Looking attractive 420 friendly

View this post on Instagram. Cannabis content creators Clark and Alice Campbell, photographed outside their Hollywood apartment building, met through the OkCupid dating platform. Clark and Alice Campbell, a. Cannabis influencers Alice and Clark and their cat Indy on the bed in their Hollywood apartment. Clark and Alice Campbell with their video-recording equipment in the foreground. Their cannabis-themed YouTube channel, which marked its fifth anniversary in January, is closing in on the symbolic benchmark ofsubscribers. I feel like the Sword of Damocles could be cut right above us Clark Campbell.

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Looking attractive 420 friendly

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