I want to service a man

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The all-electric MAN eTGE brings the corona vaccination and medical staff to patients who cannot get to the vaccination center. Time to take a look at the best-known buses Starliner, Skyliner and Cityliner. Learn more. Automation, digitalization, emission-free mobility: MAN has set the course for the future. Digital solutions are a reality at MAN in all areas.

Find out more here! The market for electric buses is growing, but most buses in public transport still run on diesel. There is a lot of potential for climate protection. More than 36, MAN employees worldwide work on a daily basis to make the world of freight transport and commercial vehicles more efficient, more eco-friendly and safer.

How do they achieve that? All the facts about our company, our services, products and achievements can be found here. Ace up your sleeve: 3D printing opens up entirely new possibilities for the commercial vehicle industry. MAN is already benefiting from the new technology and using it for selected components. A visit with the experts. Absolute superstars: MAN's exclusive high-speed yacht engines set the tone in international competition. Driving a truck without exterior mirrors? Jan Burgdorf is the first specialist journalist in Germany to try out MAN's innovative OptiView mirror replacement system during a test drive in Munich.

Find out all about his conclusion. From the sketch to the finished truck: Discover all the exciting stories, interviews, videos and pictures of the new series here. Corona has accelerated the path from analog to digital. At MAN, numerous digital tools already determine daily processes - find out here how MAN is taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization.

Every year, cyclists and pedestrians are injured in collisions with trucks or buses. To better protect children in particular, MAN employees not only conduct "blind spot training" at schools. MAN has also developed smart assistance systems that prevent accidents. Digitalization is profoundly changing the economy - and the commercial vehicle industry is no exception.

The fact check dispels 6 myths about digitalization. MAN will be presenting prototype hydrogen trucks as early as summer A fuel cell drive will for the first time enable fully emission-free transport in long-distance traffic. What are the ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? And how does a company become CO2-neutral?

I want to service a man

These are the possibilities. In an interview, Heinz Kiess, Head of Bus Product Marketing, explains what bus operators should pay particular attention to. Martin Nicklis is an expert in construction and large-scale plant engineering at PwC Germany and talks about the consequences of the construction boom. Christian Hochfellner is the coach driver for the German Football Federation and chatted with us about his everyday life with the team.

Steffen de Rudder is urban studies professor at the University of Weimar and deals with the transformation in mobility. Rudi Kuchta, head of bus sales at MAN, speaks about his secret for success and steadily rising sales figures.

Niklaus H. Waser has the answers to the most important questions about digitalization and transport solutions. Management consultant Frank Sprenger explains in an interview why corporate responsibility is crucial for success in every company. Stefan Sahlmann explains in an interview why the transition in the transport sector is about much more than just clean trucks and buses.

How can companies find out what their customers really need? Five quick questions for digital expert Anja Hendel. Electric mobility has gained a foothold in public transport. Holger von der Heide tells us in an interview what exactly happens at the eMobility Center, why it is so important for MAN and how he privately stands up for sustainability and climate protection.

I want to service a man

Fabian Heidinger explains why we are working intensively on this issue and how we are living up to our social responsibility. How do you successfully use automated trucks? The "Hamburg TruckPilot" team celebrates: The autonomous truck successfully and safely toured the Container Terminal Altenwerder during two days of practical test drives.

A report from the port of Hamburg. MAN is testing the series production of e-trucks at the eMobility Center and training employees with innovative know-how. The electric age beginns. How many kilometres did it cover? You can read about it here. One day with a year-old truck driver. Facts, pictures and exciting stories about the truck of the year. Today, commercial vehicle manufacturers are also becoming increasingly software-driven and have to further develop their digital services.

I want to service a man

Miners have extracted salt from the region around Halle an der Saale for many decades. Matthias Wenzel is now filling the cavities with backfill. He used to travel Europe's ro as a trucker. He knows how to especially appreciate the strengths of his MAN truck underground. Motivation, team spirit and efficiency — what distinguishes top athletes is also lived and breathed at MAN.

That is why we become involved in team and motor sports. Discover all our sponsoring projects at a glance. More about the game of the year. This is the Coach of the Year This is what winners look like. We recommend:. These trucks are shooting stars Our photographers have staged the new MAN truck generation with different bodies.

Man Highlights: from the past until now. How MAN is digitising transport. Why public transport is now switching to electric mobility. Our company. The yacht of your dreams with MAN engine. More stories about the new truck.

I want to service a man

Was macht eigentlich eine Nocken- welle? Wenn es eng wird: die Lenk- bremse. Berechne den D-Wert:. How MAN exploits the opportunities of digitisation. Protecting children: how to prevent accidents that occur whilst turning. A fact check on six myths about digitisation. Hydrogen meets truck — MAN is building initial prototypes. What does carbon dioxide neutrality actually mean? Hamburg TruckPilot min autonomous trucks on tour The "Hamburg TruckPilot" team celebrates: The autonomous truck successfully and safely toured the Container Terminal Altenwerder during two days of practical test drives.

I want to service a man I want to service a man

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