Girl nerds exist

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My name is Rhys, a first time dad blogging about my adventures and experiences of being a parent. Have you thought of having a nerdy girlfriend? If you are, then welcome to the club! There are a lot of guys who are into quirky, video game addicts, and book-loving nerds. But where do we find these smart ladies? And even if you do find one, how would you get them to be interested in you? For starters, geeky or nerdy girls are people who enjoy taking up some academic profession, have a limited set of interests, stay up late, do something that is specifically detailed and little understood.

They just enjoy doing stuff that needs full focus and concentration, but sports are never a part of it. Nerdy girls are quite often introverts; they like to stay at home, which means they are less likely to party and cheat. A nerdy girlfriend would be a perfect wife, too! It will never be a dull moment with a nerdy girlfriend. She will also be full of great ideas that are ready to share with you. She does! You could initiate a LAN party with your friends together! Friends and your girl at the same time would be so balancing! She is not just your sex-partner.

Most men distinguish their GFs from friends, but with her, you will have someone to talk about, not just feelings or sex positions. But where else do nerdy girls exist? Only in dedicated group chats, forums, Pinterest, or just watching animes or Asian dramas on certain websites.

Using such online services and researching first is one of your first steps if you are an on-the-go person. You could use these services on your phone, so if you just thought of dating a nerdy girl out of nowhere, just visit some of the dedicated platforms and start your quest.

You can also find answers on Quoraas this platform has some useful tips and opinions from different people who have dated and are married to geeks as well.

Girl nerds exist

You should not forget the important pointers when impressing a nerdy girl. Begin with doing some research about her fandom right away. Mostly all of the nerdy girls out there are into some communities where they share some opinions. So if K-pop or some emo band is unfamiliar to you, try to dig some information about them so if she opens up about it, at least you have something to say. Compliment her, tell her she looks good with that type of glasses if she wears ones.

Most nerdy girls want to be complimented but are just shy. Flirt vaguely. Nerdy girls hate pressure and guys who are too tactful. Be flexible; try to find some unique ways to capture her heart. Nerdy girls are thought to be weird, loner, and have unusual interests. They can be slightly different from other girls, but they also have feelings and are just waiting for a guy to approach them! A nerdy girlfriend might be the most suitable future partner for you.

Girl nerds exist

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Girl nerds exist

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Girl nerds exist

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