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Show Your Sympathy to the Family. Reared and educated in Union County, he was a member of the high school basketball team. He was the Dog Whisperer before it became famous. He taught them tricks and over-fed them all, even though he was concerned about his own figure.

That is unless his lovely wife had another flower bed to plant or rock wall for him to build! They were married on November 16, in El Dorado. She preceded him in death on April 13, Funk Funeral Home. Brothers Ron Hieter and Blair Bates will lead the service. Interment will follow in Oak Bower Cemetery at Bismarck. Testimonials from Family. He would have less so we could have more.

Dl looking for buddy

He was far from perfect, but he was always enough. He even bought my wife a pair of leather pants 32 years ago. He would do those things and say things that would make you shake your head- or cover it! I could go on and on. He was a very good man and a hard but loving dad to me. I can only hope I can be like him one day.

He was a veteran, a hard worker, and a good provider for his family. He was gentle and kind and would pick up every stray dog from here to Oklahoma. He was the best Grandad anyone could hope for, and I thank God today for the wonderful memories that I have of him and Grandmother.

Born during the Depression, he knew the value of hard work and took nothing for granted. After high school, he ed the Army and served as a tank gunner during the Korean War. Upon his return, he met my grandmother. She demanded the meeting, rather.

According to Grandad, he was on a date with another woman when Grandmother approached the two talking in his car. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dl looking for buddy

He loved her madly for 50 years until her death in a car accident. Years later, he continued her subscriptions to magazines because he liked getting the mail and seeing her name. Grandad was the epitome of The American Dream and wanted better for his children than what he had. He retired after a long career as a truck driver for ABF.

Despite the many miles and nights away, he loved his job and took incredible pride in what he did. He rescued dogs from the dump or even out of a vehicle if they looked like they were in need of care. These dogs, in return, worshipped him. There were chickens, turkeys, guineas, cats, a pig, and a goat named Mandy whom he would play-wrestle on a log. He loved his children and us grandchildren and made sure we knew it. He rarely, if ever, lost his temper, and when Grandmother did, he was quick to come behind her to mend any hurt feelings.

Dementia took him from us before death did. But even in his confusion, he was gentle and kind. When his passing was imminent, he was continuously surrounded by those he loved and that loved him, and when he did pass, immediately he was restored with his Savior. And that is worth celebrating. Daddy was not only the best man that ever lived, but also the best daddy one could ever dream of having and one that we were blessed to have. Of course with him being a truck driver he was gone a lot, but we never really knew it because he made it his mission in life to be a father and family man.

He would get in from a long run, and head straight to the ballpark to cheer all three of us on while we played in our games. Then there was always pizza and fun, but it never stopped there. He stayed up and spent family time and I was so spoiled that he tucked me into bed until I was a teenager. He sacrificed his sleep to be with mom and the three of us. He adored us.

Dl looking for buddy

Daddy was very hardworking and such a great provider for us. He was always so thoughtful. If he saw a clown while on the road he would bring it to me for my collection. He came bearing gifts often. He was always there for me Physically and mentally. I could talk to him about anything and he always listened and gave me sound advice or just a much needed kind word. He was there for me like no other could be when I became wheelchair bound. He really really took care of me!! I cannot even imagine how many times he has loaded and unloaded a wheelchair for me and gotten me from point a to point b.

Words cannot express what he. He loved me a whole whole lot, and that I am sure of!! It was definitely evident!!

Dl looking for buddy

He gave so very much of himself to me, and I will forever be grateful!! When I saw the love that he had for his grandchildren and great grandchildren it melted my heart. He was really proud!! He was my best friend and I love him more than words can ever express.

Dl looking for buddy

I am truly honored to be his child!!!! I have never witnessed a love so great as mom and dad. He loved her with every single piece of his heart and he prayed out loud daily upon her loss for Jesus to please have her waiting on him in Heaven. One sweet day we will all be reunited, and that will be the sweetest day ever!!!! To plant Memorial Trees in memory of D. Share this obituary. Send Sympathy Gifts. Guestbook. View Guestbook Entries. Send Sympathy Card. Print Obituary.

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Dl looking for buddy

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Dl looking for buddy

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