Cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23

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The first identifiable ancestor of the family was Humphrey Mortimer of Bridford c. His will was dated but sadly no copy or abstract survives. His only children recorded in the parish register were those children who died in the s; Wilmot d. John Mortimer may have had two sons:. Edmund Mortimer c. He named his eldest son John, perhaps after his father. Edmund was probably a husbandman, he married an unknown woman and had the following children in Cheriton Bishop:.

He was perhaps a a brother of Edmund Mortimer of Cheriton Bishop, for both named their eldest sons John and had a close connection to Dunsford. Humphrey featured in the muster roll for Bridford and he married shortly afterwards to Amy. They had the following children together, who were presumably born in either Bridford or Dunsford.

He left a will datedwith place name unrecorded, and which sadly no abstract or copy survives. His widow Amy had an illegitimate daughter born about the Thomas Mortimer was the sole executor, who proved the will 11 JulExeter. Thomas Mortimer of Dunsford c. Since Thomas was not his brother, he was presumably called a friend because he was either an uncle or close cousin.

He may have been the Thomas Mortimer m. Grace and Amy Mortimer are hard to place within the family; both may have been born afterand were perhaps daughters of William Mortimer b. John and Henry Mortimer are both noted in Moretonhampstead,but afterwards disappeared from all records.

Amy Mortimer, widow, also had an illegitimate daughter, Joan c. Both John and Joan his wife died inDunsford. John was born in Bridford and was a son of Amy Mortimer d. Wilmot Amery 13 Jun Bridford. They had issue in Bridford. Wilmot his wife was bur. OctBridford.

Cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23

John was bur. John Mortimer was a husbandman. He made a will datedmentioning his sons Edward and Gilbert Mortimer. Residue was to his sons John and Simon Mortimer, the t executors, who proved the will, 28 Apr Gilbert Mortimerbap. Mary before Mary his wife was bur. They had no issue. Gilbert died in Exeter and was bur. His will was dated John Mortimerbap. John Mortimer made a nuncupative will in ; to his brother Gilbert 1s, with residue to his brothers Edward and Simon Mortimer, the sole executors.

The will was witnessed by Mary wife of Gilbert Mortimer.

Cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23

His contemporary John Mortimer of Ashton also died inbut earlier in the year. Simon Mortimerbap. Eleanor Berry 13 Apr Bridford. They had six children. He tly executed the will of his father John Mortimer with his brother John in Simon was living in Dunsford in and was listed in the Protestation Return. He executed the nuncupative will of his brother John in with Edward his brother. Simon and his wife featured in the poll tax. He was also taxed on 2 hearths in Dunsford in the Hearth Tax. The residue was left to his Eleanor, sole executrix.

Simon was bur. Eleanor his widow was bur. Simon and Eleanor had the following children. Edward was the eldest son of John Mortimer and Wilmot Amery, and was born four months after his parents marriage. He was bap. Elizabeth Wills 19 Apr Bridford. Since Gilbert was his brother, Thomas of Dunsford was presumably his uncle or cousin. He was bur. Edward and Elizabeth had the following children. Thomasinb. Nicholas Conant 7 Apr Bridford, bur. Edward Mortimer IIb. Mary c. Edward died intestate and was bur. Edward and his second wife had the following children.

Abraham Mortimerb. He lived in Bovey Tracey and made a will proved Nathaniel Mortimer of Bridfordb. Susanna Sanford 20 Jun Christow. He died intestate in Nathaniel and Susanna had the following children, though most of their children died in infancy.

Cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23

No burial record has been found for him. Gilbert Mortimer of Tedburn St Maryb. Alice was bur. Elizabeth his widow was bur.

Cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23

Gilbert and his first wife Alice had one son. William was probably born in Bridford, the son of Nathaniel Mortimer. He moved to Ashton beforeand m. Jane Edwards 29 Mar Ashton. William died the following year and was bur. William and Jane Mortimer had the following children. Marybap. William Crispin c. George Crispin, see above. They had the following children; ZacRobtJane Mary died aged 82 and was bur. William Mortimer II of Dawlishb.

William was bur. He named his eldest two children William and Jane, supporting the connection with the generation. Elizabeth his widow remarried to Robert Back c. Elizabeth was bur. Robert Back died in William was born in Dawlish, the son of William and Elizabeth Mortimer. He was born 4 Novand bap.

His father died in when he was 9, and his mother died in when he was Around this time, William moved away from Dawlish to the vicinity of North Tawton. His family featured in the North Tawton inhabitant list composed in Frances his wife was bur. They had the following children. William Mortimer ?

Bettyb. Robert Mortimerhusbandman, bap. He lived in North Tawton in as an apprentice. Mary Cann c. He lived in Colebrooke inas an ag lab. He was strangely absent from the census. He died inExeter. Robert and Mary had the following children. Elizabethbap. Thomas Mortimer c. He died aged 45 and was bur.

Cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23

Johnbap. John was not listed in the North Tawton inhabitant list and presumably died young. Fannybap. Robert Wilkins Alphington. She lived in Sidmouth, and Withycombe Raleigh She died in The family moved to North Tawton beforewhere they continued to live.

John died in and was bur.

Cum Cheriton Bishop woman 23 23

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