Bay area swingers clubs

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We are a very stable secure something couple just stepping into the lifestyle. We have ed a couple of swing sites but have been purposely vague with our profile, because we are undecided on how we want to proceed. We have ruled out our first foray being with another couple in a private setting; which leaves either party environment or club. The club idea seems to appeal to us the most at this point, mainly because we can be more anonymous.

Bay area swingers clubs

So with all that being said, the real question is We have seen other clubs advertised but Twist seems a little 'classier' maybe we really aren't snobs, just want to be as comfortable as possible. Any feedback would be gratefully received, as would other recommendations.

Edit: we just wanted to thank people for their feedback on this and other associated topics posted using throwaways recently. It is a large but very exciting step for us both, and it's nice that others are so ready to share their experiences and make us feel part of something 'special'. Try Club Bronze in Palo Alto. They are an application only club so you need to fit there criteria and be Ok with their long list of rules but its a classy place.

If your looking for a really low pressure place, try Allures in Sac. Its a hotel ballroom party so no sex in there at all, only in folks hotel rooms. We had not come across Club Bronze before so thank you, currently researching that. We had seen very mixed reviews of Allures and so haven't really followed up on that option. Thank you for both suggestions :.

Thought I would chime in That was my first big event and it was a total blast! Such a wild fantasy come true! It was a good mix of younger and middle age couples with a few older folk sprinkled in. The hotel was beautiful and the staff was so extremely nice and accommodating and didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all.

Bay area swingers clubs

There's a new company sfsensualnights. There were some rather strange couples that looked awkward and gawked, being new and observing is totally fine but these people were straight creeping. There was also another couple that was in the midst of a large argument the entire time they were there, which was all night.

We still had a great time. They have another meet and greet coming up in December. There's a large dance floor with spots to sit and watch, a nice little bar area and the play room is pretty big but I love the way they have it set up.

Bay area swingers clubs

There is cushioned bench seating with large cushions on the floor, and romantic draped fabric from ceiling to floor to section off different play areas with a big screen tv in the middle playing various nude scenes. Overall, I enjoyed the ambiance at Twist very much. They have a lounge near Dogpatch in SF. It's not the greatest neighborhood and a patrol car stopped us as we parked and told us to make sure we didn't have anything in our car or it would be broken into later.

There's supposed to be safer parking for the lounge elsewhere but we didn't bother to look. We happened to be parked right across from the door entrance and the security guy keep an eye on the cars out front and we didn't have a problem. The crowd was mostly younger, but there were a ton of people there. This lounge is HUGE! A giant bar with a big dance floor and one giant playroom upstairs with cushions on the floor. Not much romantic ambiance and someone had turned the heat on super high and it was like a sauna up there so we chose a play area that was directly next to the dance floor where it was cooler, not as big, but it was right next to the DJ and speakers so it was entirely way too loud.

I would chose Twist to play at but bring the people I met from Bronze and Pleasure Zone for my perfect play evening. Many thanks for your in-depth response.

Bay area swingers clubs

Others have also mentioned bronzeparty so we have been looking at that also. Now we just need to get brave and make the leap :. Twist was our first real lifestyle experience back in May. We were very intimidated, but there was really nothing to be afraid of. The place was nice and clean and the people were younger and sexier than we expected though obviously that can depend on the night. People we talked to were very friendly. We didn't play with anyone just ourselves but it was a positive evening.

To be fair, there were a few cliques, but if we had known what we know now we could have definitely found some people to play with. They have moved since then so I can't comment on the new location, but it's certainly in a better neighborhood.

It is expensive to get in plus membershipbut that does help keep the clientele upscale positive or negative depending on you. Feel free to ask any specific questions. Thank you for the feedback. No specific questions, just wanted to get some honest first person perspectives; the club reviews well so just wanted to confirm what we are reading. Twist is our Go-To club. You'll find that each time you're there will be a different experience.

No one is pushy, everyone is aware of the "ask to touch" rule.

Bay area swingers clubs

Found the internet! Absolute beginners seeking Bay Area club recommendations. Posted by 7 years ago. Any feedback would be gratefully received, as would other recommendations Edit: we just wanted to thank people for their feedback on this and other associated topics posted using throwaways recently.

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Bay area swingers clubs

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Bay area swingers clubs

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