Anyone for pizza tonight

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However, you're debating the toppings that you want for your pizzas and aren't sure which to choose. Oh, the eternal debate over the best ingredients for pizzas is one that will never die. We love talking about the great toppings that we provide and know that many options will suit your needs. So please read through this list to get an idea of the quirky and traditional options you can choose. If you want a rich and tasty pizzayou may want to focus on meats for your pie.

Anyone for pizza tonight

That's because meats are often the most popular option and provide some of the richest taste profiles for your pie. For example, pepperoni is easily the most popular topping in the United States. It fits in with just about any other type of meat, is easy to cook, and provides a rich flavor that makes it hard to beat. That said, some people don't like its spiciness or the grease that it produces.

Therefore, you may want to choose sausage instead. Sausage is often a popular alternative to pepperoni because it has a more robust flavor and often mixes better with many types of vegetables. The same is true of ground beef, which provides a vibrant and enjoyable flavor burst that is often hard for other kinds of meats to top. That said, a growing of people are turning to bacon over pepperoni or other types of meats.

This bacon craze that has become such a meme-worthy phenomenon makes sense for pizzas.

Anyone for pizza tonight

Though not as spicy as pepperoni, bacon has a salty and sweet flavor that often mixes better with other meats and which can provide a massive benefit for those who also like a lot of veggies on their pizzas. And don't forget ham — it mixes very well with lovely toppings, like pineapple — which we'll get to later. People who want to make their pizza healthier often turn to vegetables.

That doesn't mean that their pies will lack flavor — far from it! People who love veggie pizzas know that these plants provide a high level of crunch and a wild array of taste varieties. For example, mushrooms have a soft and chewy texture and a great taste that makes them easy to blend with a broad range of different meats and veggies. And onions provide sweetness and bite that makes them an excellent choice for those who struggle with the acidic nature of the sauce.

However, those who love sauce should layer their pie with more tomatoes — this helps to make a pie thicker, more filling, and tasty. Many types of thick or dense pan crust options utilize tomatoes for this purpose. And don't forget — they have many vitamins and minerals that make them beneficial. Other popular options to consider include bell peppers — mix well with sausage and other spicy meats — basil — produces a sharp flavor that is very unique among other vegetables — garlic — critical for making sauce as potent as possible — and quirkier options, such as artichoke hearts.

These bring an extra level of depth and crunch to a pie, as well as a standard of flavor that is often quite hard to top. Over the years, a growing of people have been integrating pineapple onto their pizzas. This option originated in Canada, surprisingly, where Canadian pizzerias paired pineapple with Canadian bacon and ham. As a result, this option — known as the Hawaiian Style, amusingly enough — has become very widespread and popular with a specific subset of people and pizzerias.

However, many haters believe that pineapple does not belong on pizza. They claim that it is too sweet or that it overwhelms the taste of the rest of the toppings. Others only do not like pineapple and complain about those who use it. Where do we fall on this side of the debate? Well, we serve plenty of pizzas that contain pineapple and will continue to do so for years to come! That's because we believe that you have the right to choose the toppings that appeal to you. There are plenty in our shop who do not like pineapple on pizzas and plenty of others who love it.

The debate continues, but we support the right for the people to get whatever toppings that they want. So if you wish to add pineapple, don't hesitate to ask us to get a delicious pie that your family will love. Though it may be surprising to read, a large of people are learning to love chicken on their pizzas. That's because this meat has become popular with those who are trying to avoid more potent or fatty meats. Chicken pizzas often possess a nice texture, too, because the meat is so thick and delicious.

However, most types of chicken pizzas come in a multitude of more artisanal options. For example, barbecue chicken pizza uses barbecue sauce instead of traditional tomato sauces. It also utilizes a variety of other ingredients to create a vibrant option.

Others like to mix chicken with an alfredo sauce to produce a very rich chicken flavor.

Anyone for pizza tonight

And buffalo wing fans can add this sauce to their pie to create a very rich and hard-to-top taste that makes it an excellent choice for many chicken fans. However, you can also add chicken and mushrooms to your pizzas to make them very delicious. Chicken and mushrooms mix very well together with tomato sauce and crust and produce a delightful taste and texture that is become increasingly popular.

That's why a growing of people are trying out this approach to see if it works for them and their pizzas. As you can see, there are so many toppings from which you can choose that it shouldn't be hard to find a pizza in Iowa City, Iowa that is an excellent choice for your family night or a personal meal. But you need to make sure that you take the time to find a pizzeria that you can trust. That's where we come into play. At Sam's Pizza, we have years of experience and will do what we can to ensure that you are satisfied with your pizzas.

Anyone for pizza tonight

So please don't hesitate to today to set up your next delicious meal. You won't regret it. Order Now. Meats Bring the Flavor If you want a rich and tasty pizzayou may want to focus on meats for your pie. Veggies Bring Crunch and Health People who want to make their pizza healthier often turn to vegetables. Pineapple — The Big Debate Over the years, a growing of people have been integrating pineapple onto their pizzas. Chicken is Gaining in Popularity Though it may be surprising to read, a large of people are learning to love chicken on their pizzas.

You Can Do This! Covid is a terrifying situation and is something that we at Sam's Pizza are taking very seriously. That's why we've ed with other Iowa City, Iowa restaurants to provide you with a series of guidelines that can help keep you safe and protected when you visit us. When you follow these rules, you are protecting yourself and everybody else at the restaurant and avoiding unnecessary complications at the same time.

Anyone for pizza tonight

Masks are a Necessity As more and more restaurants open up across the nation, they ask that their patrons wear face masks when they visit. This situation has caused some annoyance and even anger among some people. This reaction is unfair and immature because masks are shown to protect against the spread of the virus. You won't be protecting yourself and others in the facility, including the waiters and waitresses, the chefs, and the owners who may be on site.

Typically, people must wear masks when they walk in the door and wear them while they are taken to the table. The etiquette after this point will vary depending on the restaurant. Some will allow you to take them off while you're at your table, allowing you to breathe and eat with ease.

Others may ask that you keep them on until your food comes and whenever you leave the table, such as when you go to the bathroom or when you are leaving or going to pay. Whatever the case, it is wise for you to follow these rules, or you may be asked to leave the restaurant.

This may seem unfair, but think about the cooks and the waitresses — they are all wearing masks for hours per day as they work. They don't want to wear them any more than you do and are just as uncomfortable and unhappy with them. So wearing one for minutes is, by no means, as demanding or as tricky as possible. Stay Six-Feet Away Another factor that you're going to have to consider when visiting restaurants during Covid is the six-foot minimum distance between you and others.

You may wonder how this distance is possible in a restaurant setting. Most are closing off half of their tables — one in between each open table — to create a range of six feet. And they are limiting the of people who can come, usually by half or so, to ensure that they don't get too packed.

Anyone for pizza tonight

And you're likely to see markers on the floors near various areas, such as when waiting to get in the door, when paying, or standing in line for the bathroom, that showcases how far you need to stand from people. Please pay attention to these markets because they help protect people from getting sick or exchanging diseases throughout the stay. Trust us when we say that these limitations are necessary and are something that many facilities struggle to enforce.

Just think about what these restrictions are likely doing to the bottom line of these businesses. Many run on a pretty thin profit line and need to be filled up pretty frequently to stay open. And by cutting off half their tables and limiting who can visit, they are decreasing their chances of success even further. But most are happy to try them out because they know that they are necessary to protect the public and ensure that they have customers in the future.

Be Prepared for Other Changes The two changes above are not the only thing that you're likely to see when you visit restaurants during Covid

Anyone for pizza tonight

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Let’s have a pizza tonight, will we vs Let’s have a pizza tonight, shall we?